A Tumble Creek Farm Ewe

A Tumble Creek Farm Ewe
One of many

Friday, February 24, 2012

Lamb Arrival, at Gate B...

The lambs have just started arriving and are finding their pens satisfactory. The food supply is ample, the conversation stimulating, no turbulence in the blue sky, pilot is doing his (day) job, the flight attendant is very attentive, what more could new lambs ask for. Three sires are represented so far in the 10 lambs, 8 being black, and the ewes to rams is 50/50. Only eleven more ewes expected to deliver in the next few days with the prediction of snow--I doubt it!

Ewe lamb #1 of the first set of triplets.

Brother in first set of triplets.


Monday, February 6, 2012

Winter Is Coming?

We can only hope that winter will be sometime soon and not hold out until March! This photo was taken from the front deck facing west toward the mountains. This fog rolled in suddenly because at 3:30 pm it was clear.
Lambs should be arriving in two weeks. Everything is set up in the barn and the kit is ready. Watch here for the new additions to be posted.
  The yearlings are being sheared as time and weather permits. I did three more today with four remaining. As they are sheared they join the bred ewes in the barn but in a separate pen for different feeding. They also get coats if their size is available, but I have found that old sweatshirts are needed with our weather lately. I slip the neck opening over their heads, front legs in the sleeves (shortened if necessary), and slits cut along the lower ribbing for the back legs. Works well so now I have to raid the thrift shops for a few more.
   Still knitting and getting projects completed before the lambs arrive. I have a lacy collar on my needles now that I have finished the sweater project. I'll need to get pictures of that posted here in a few days, along with those socks I mentioned last time. Washing natural colored fleeces too, to send off to the processor. Lots to do and so little time...