A Tumble Creek Farm Ewe

A Tumble Creek Farm Ewe
One of many

Friday, November 9, 2012

Good Morning, Wintertime. 
Just a few minutes before this photo was taken there was a low mist covering the field and the sheep. It was a reminder that the temperatures have changed from 70 degrees Monday to 40 degrees at lunchtime Friday. The Cascades are trying to peek through the clouds with a prediction of snow for later today. Better get the water out to the sheep still in the field before it freezes up again.
    The breeding groups are all together now with five rams working. I don't breed ewe lambs so they are happy munching hay alone in the barn and growing nicely. A few outside pens are being used by the extra rams.
    The big news here is the group of ewes that I purchased from a flock in Montana in September. They will make a nice addition to my genetics and are starting their work here, some being bred while the lambs will have to wait till next year.
    Next project on my list is to finish up the last of the socks being made for Christmas presents for the grandchildren. Some have requested specific colors, others have left the choice up to me. I may even make a pair for my daughter-in-law, an Oregon Duck fan, so green and yellow are waiting in my basket. That will be my next picture posted. Till then, keep warm, enjoy the wait for lambs, and Happy Thanksgiving.