A Tumble Creek Farm Ewe

A Tumble Creek Farm Ewe
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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New Lambs Now, More Coming Soon

OUTSIDE ACTIVITIES: The sunny days are bringing the lambs. I pasture bred this year so the lambs are not quite as close together as in the past when I have done AI, but wonderful to see what the new rams have produced here at Tumble Creek Farm.

Last spring I purchased two rams--a yearling X1 offspring and a second generation lamb from Heddon Valley breeding. Here they are in their untrimmed splendor while in quarantine. They were intently watching the granddaughters running on the lawn so it was a good time to catch a few pictures. Lambs will be available from both of these sires in June.

INSIDE ACTIVITIES: Every once in a while I work, yes I actually go to work and earn a paycheck, for an auctioneer. I sit beside her and write down the important stuff--the description of the item, who buys it and for how much. That means that I really have to listen and pay attention to just her chatter even while the display personnel hand me the next item to get the info from the tag to try to be one step ahead. Usually the items for sale are western themed like bits and spurs, saddles, art, antique kitchen and houseware items, furniture, etc, but every once in a while there is something of interest to me. So last weekend I noticed a piece that just didn't fit so I changed my routine and got a buyer's number. In the midst of selling small miscellaneous items it pops up, I bid, the sale closed and I had won! Here is a picture of my new toy.
Yep, it's a 1925-ish Circular Sock Machine (CSM). Some attach to a tabletop but this one has legs attached. I just hope that my recent purchase of sizes 0-3 long circular knitting needles was not in vain. I have been searching for info about it and hoping the book I ordered will tell me how to feed and care for this machine. It seems to be in fairly good condition, no rust, and only a few slightly bent needles. What fun!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

And another one down...

Another Super Bowl has past--Congratulations to the Ravens. However, being on the west coast we all cheered for the 49ers.
We had a great party at our son's and Callie made two wonderful cakes, one chocolate and one lemon.
Most of the San Francisco cake came home with us for another day. Lambs should be arriving soon and I'm planning ahead for energy food!

And the winner for the Best Commercial of the Super Bowl goes to ... Dodge Ram and Paul Harvey for "And God Made a Farmer!" The group was very loud during all the other commercials but this one started and everyone stopped and listened--an amazing feat. Yes, we have a Dodge Ram in the driveway too. Good night.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

Technically a bit late, I know, but let's start the new year now when the lambs start arriving. One set of triplets have arrived from my new ram Xtra and a beautiful Rhayader ewe. Several more ewes of other bloodlines were bred to him so there is a good opportunity to obtain these new genetics.

We are experiencing spring weather but still very cold nights. The sunny warmer days give me a chance to catch up on a few chores but others will have to wait until the ground thaws. Some of my pastures will be overseeded this year while some areas will be rototilled and reseeded. We were successful in adding a new pasture at the street and will finish the other end of it when I can get the tractor down there. There is still field burning to be done and all the yard debris that is waiting as well. 

This year I am offering a small flock of natural colored ewes and an unrelated ram for sale. These are from UK bloodlines and have beautiful silvery fleeces. Contact me at tumblecreekfarm@gmail.com for more info.
There is wool in the dyepot for the upcoming High Desert Wool Grower's FIBER MARKET DAY. In years past I was very involved with this event but had to step back for a time. I have decided to share a booth with a friend this year and will have beautiful Bluefaced Leicesters represented. Another big show to prepare for is Black Sheep Gathering, always an exciting place to be. I hope to meet all my friends there, current and new.