A Tumble Creek Farm Ewe

A Tumble Creek Farm Ewe
One of many

Thursday, April 12, 2012

April already...

Wow, time flies. All the lambs are born, finally. The last set of triplets arrived (a bit later than planned but right on time) with no problems or assistance at midnight on March 27, 2012. Gorgeous white ewes and a ram out of a natural colored first-time ewe and a white ram and she did it all, as expected. These are the granddaughters with the first ewe of the triplets. The little one is terrified of the lambs but if she gives them enough loves then she may get over it. Who can resist a lamb???
   The irrigation is on for the season now and the tractor has been hard at work. Almost all of the front field has been disked and will be ready for seed and fertilizer in a few days. Tomorrow will see the end of the disking and my husband will drag what I have done, then we should be on a roll for more pasture for all the lambs. I have noticed coyotes have been in the front and center pastures so the llama will be keeping a watchful eye and earn her keep. Hubby said no more dogs and I don't want a donkey so we will be moving the ewes and lambs often this year. The rams will be in the upper pasture as it is smaller and easier to move them.
Dibden's twin rams
Silver's twin rams

Sunning ourselves...

One of Weslie's triplet rams

Zink, Zoe's white ram of triplets
Speaking of rams, there are several for sale this year. Two yearlings and a large group of lambs from several sires are available, so get your reservations made.  I am planning to attend the Black Sheep Gathering in June (transport east available), and Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival in September. You won't want to miss out on a good selection to add to your flock, whether it is purebred Bluefaced Leicester, a commercial flock or a spinner's flock.