A Tumble Creek Farm Ewe

A Tumble Creek Farm Ewe
One of many

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Shhh, don't tell the grandkids! These will be in their stockings this morning.
God bless us, everyone! See you in 2013.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Good Morning, Wintertime. 
Just a few minutes before this photo was taken there was a low mist covering the field and the sheep. It was a reminder that the temperatures have changed from 70 degrees Monday to 40 degrees at lunchtime Friday. The Cascades are trying to peek through the clouds with a prediction of snow for later today. Better get the water out to the sheep still in the field before it freezes up again.
    The breeding groups are all together now with five rams working. I don't breed ewe lambs so they are happy munching hay alone in the barn and growing nicely. A few outside pens are being used by the extra rams.
    The big news here is the group of ewes that I purchased from a flock in Montana in September. They will make a nice addition to my genetics and are starting their work here, some being bred while the lambs will have to wait till next year.
    Next project on my list is to finish up the last of the socks being made for Christmas presents for the grandchildren. Some have requested specific colors, others have left the choice up to me. I may even make a pair for my daughter-in-law, an Oregon Duck fan, so green and yellow are waiting in my basket. That will be my next picture posted. Till then, keep warm, enjoy the wait for lambs, and Happy Thanksgiving.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Deschutes County Fair days

The first week of August was spent at the Deschutes County Fair. The weather was very nice this year, only in the low 90's, clear and no thunderstorms. Our judge again this year was Pat Ariaz from California (read his story in The Banner, May 2012, pg 80-81).
Theo-Grand Champion Ram with Judge Pat Ariaz
Here we are standing with my Grand Champion Ram--Wool Division--Theo, who was also the Grand Champion last year as a lamb. Great things are in his future. His ram lambs born this February are spectacular and available to work in your flock.

On Friday, the day after showing, I took a few moments to shear Theo for a few fairgoers. They sure enjoyed seeing the beautiful fleece fall off. "Look, Mommy, the sheep is getting a haircut," was the common comment from children, or sometimes, "Does that hurt?"

The next project for my flock is shearing before the breeding groups go together. I am already plotting the ram/ewe combinations for the 2013 lamb crop. 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer is finally here! The water is running well and turning the pasture green, the neighbor's cows are cropping the tops so the sheep can reach the sweet growth, the lambs are growing-growing-growing, and we are preparing for the county fair the first week of August. The iced tea is brewing for the afternoon to spend in the shade with a good book.

My breeding plans are in the works for some more beautiful lambs next spring using my new ram. There is still time to pick out your new white or natural colored ram from my flock of winners and hard workers. Their fleeces are growing and will be ready for shearing in September so reserve yours soon.

Enjoy summer with your friends and family in the great outdoors. Go-See-Do.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Black Sheep Gathering of 2012 is now history. It was another great year for the Bluefaced Leicester. The judges are experiencing this breed across the nation, the public is noticing it and adding a BFL to their commercial ewes or handspinner's flock. There were several requests for BFL fleece as none had been entered into the fleece show. The reason for this is that we are all sold out and are taking reservations for fleeces now for the fall shearing.

The Champion Ewe is shown on the left and her twin is the Champion Ram on the right. Many thanks to all the breeders from the Rockies to the Pacific and Canada to Southern California that shared in the weekend. For more information about the show watch for a full article on the BLU site (here).

Saturday, May 19, 2012

LOOK AT ALL THOSE LAMBS! And one can be yours--Rams, whites, natural colors. (All ewe lambs have been sold for 2012. Make your reservations for the 2013 lambing.)The show season is beginning so reserve your selection now. These rams are from champion sires and UK bloodlines, all codon 171 tested at RR. The flock is certified scrapie free, export certified, tested negative for OPP, foot rot and soremouth free. Whether you have a purebred BFL flock, a commercial flock or a spinning flock, a ram from Tumble Creek Farm will add value to your flock.

This coming weekend will be the Fourth National BFL Show in Wooster Ohio. I'll see you there!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

April already...

Wow, time flies. All the lambs are born, finally. The last set of triplets arrived (a bit later than planned but right on time) with no problems or assistance at midnight on March 27, 2012. Gorgeous white ewes and a ram out of a natural colored first-time ewe and a white ram and she did it all, as expected. These are the granddaughters with the first ewe of the triplets. The little one is terrified of the lambs but if she gives them enough loves then she may get over it. Who can resist a lamb???
   The irrigation is on for the season now and the tractor has been hard at work. Almost all of the front field has been disked and will be ready for seed and fertilizer in a few days. Tomorrow will see the end of the disking and my husband will drag what I have done, then we should be on a roll for more pasture for all the lambs. I have noticed coyotes have been in the front and center pastures so the llama will be keeping a watchful eye and earn her keep. Hubby said no more dogs and I don't want a donkey so we will be moving the ewes and lambs often this year. The rams will be in the upper pasture as it is smaller and easier to move them.
Dibden's twin rams
Silver's twin rams

Sunning ourselves...

One of Weslie's triplet rams

Zink, Zoe's white ram of triplets
Speaking of rams, there are several for sale this year. Two yearlings and a large group of lambs from several sires are available, so get your reservations made.  I am planning to attend the Black Sheep Gathering in June (transport east available), and Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival in September. You won't want to miss out on a good selection to add to your flock, whether it is purebred Bluefaced Leicester, a commercial flock or a spinner's flock.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lambs a' Jumpin'

They are everywhere! Out in the snow, under mama's feet, on top of the straw bale, in the feeders, running and jumping like healthy little lambies should be. Taking reservations now! Enjoy the pictures.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Lamb Arrival, at Gate B...

The lambs have just started arriving and are finding their pens satisfactory. The food supply is ample, the conversation stimulating, no turbulence in the blue sky, pilot is doing his (day) job, the flight attendant is very attentive, what more could new lambs ask for. Three sires are represented so far in the 10 lambs, 8 being black, and the ewes to rams is 50/50. Only eleven more ewes expected to deliver in the next few days with the prediction of snow--I doubt it!

Ewe lamb #1 of the first set of triplets.

Brother in first set of triplets.


Monday, February 6, 2012

Winter Is Coming?

We can only hope that winter will be sometime soon and not hold out until March! This photo was taken from the front deck facing west toward the mountains. This fog rolled in suddenly because at 3:30 pm it was clear.
Lambs should be arriving in two weeks. Everything is set up in the barn and the kit is ready. Watch here for the new additions to be posted.
  The yearlings are being sheared as time and weather permits. I did three more today with four remaining. As they are sheared they join the bred ewes in the barn but in a separate pen for different feeding. They also get coats if their size is available, but I have found that old sweatshirts are needed with our weather lately. I slip the neck opening over their heads, front legs in the sleeves (shortened if necessary), and slits cut along the lower ribbing for the back legs. Works well so now I have to raid the thrift shops for a few more.
   Still knitting and getting projects completed before the lambs arrive. I have a lacy collar on my needles now that I have finished the sweater project. I'll need to get pictures of that posted here in a few days, along with those socks I mentioned last time. Washing natural colored fleeces too, to send off to the processor. Lots to do and so little time...

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Almost Winter...

Yesterday looked as though winter was in the air, or at least falling from the sky. But alas, it was only rain. This morning started warm and dry and we had a beautiful sunny day. Winter can be counted on to show up the day the lambs start to arrive in mid-February.

My friend Kelly challenged me to get on with my blog posting so that she could see my sweater project in motion. Here is the beginning of it, entitled 'Sweater in Skeins'.

I am at the end of my sweater knitting for this year's competitions. It is called 'Shades of Blue', referring to the Bluefaced Leicester, not the color. This picture shows the skeins that started from fleeces I sorted, washed, carded, and spun. The pattern is entrelac starting with the white at the neckline and ending with the black at the bottom of the hem and sleeves. I modified it a bit so it has 3/4 sleeves which I like better than long sleeves. Never can decide how long I want them anyway.

Also finished is a pair of blue/gray socks and the pictures of those will be added next time.